Pre Exhibition planning – attracting visitors to your stand

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I hear over and over again exhibitors complaining that the exhibition show was not a success for them, not enough traffic, no one came to their stand, we’re not returning next year, waste of money.  Possibly, but if you did  all your pre-marketing effectively, you shouldn’t be feeling this way.  I’ve put together 10 basic tips on pre-event marketing which has helped many of my clients in the past.

  1. Set up an email database of existing and potential clients to invite to the show.
  2. Send out a “teaser” email to existing and potential clients letting them know you’re going to exhibit, what new product you’re launching and what your stand number is.
  3. If you’re holding a competition on the stand, include this information.
  4. Make sure that your staff email signatures have a new look (based on the theme of your stand) leading up and during the exhibition, this should include your stand numbers and dates of show.
  5. Update your website with a new banner advertising the show & your stand number
  6. Set up your other social media pages:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube, Blog etc with information on the show.
  7. Print promotional flyers that can be kept at reception and also handed out by your sales team.
  8. Ensure that all staff are kept in the loop, yes even the receptionist should know.
  9. Having interactive technology on the stand is a sure plus factor that attracts visitors.
  10. And lastly, make sure that your stand is attractive and welcoming.

If you have more ideas, pop us a reply and let us know.

Julia Cain