Who are the most essential people on your Exhibition Stand?

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For me, one of the most important factors about exhibiting is the staff manning the stand.  I’m sure you’ve walked through many exhibition halls and noticed the absolute “bored to tears” staff on the stand.  This spells – Don’t come near me, I don’t want to be here …. So I walk on by.

Part of the pre-planning for your exhibition should include this crucial aspect – who is going to man the stand?  I’ve put together some basic tips on ensuring that your stand can be manned successfully:

  • Choose hungry sales people who are motivated, enthusiastic and passionate about their products
  • Those who have in depth product and industry knowledge
  • Those who listen more than they talk
  • Those who have a good self and company image
  • Those who can sell an experience
  • Choose those that have a first-rate attitude towards exhibitions and have possibly previous experience on stands
  • Staff should be dressed for the occasion – they are presenting your company image and should be presentable at all times
  • And those that SMILE and are welcoming

Visitors arrive with an agenda and this means their expectations are high.  They have invested time and effort to attend the show – this means your staff have one opportunity to make an impression.

How good are your staff on your exhibition stand?

Julia Cain